30" Landsurfa 'Standard Issue'

$365.00 AUD
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Introducing the 30” Landsurfa ‘Standard Issue’ board. Staying true to our original Landsurfa shape that was first released in 1965, while embracing contemporary innovations, each board embodies the spirit and craftsmanship that defined our original sidewalk surfers during the 1960’s. Hand-shaped from solid Tasmanian oak, complete with period-correct 4" trucks, and our "Detroit" Super Wheels, which are made from a buttery smooth 78A urethane.

Deck: Solid Tasmanian oak 30” x 6.5”
Wheels: "Detroit" Super Wheels 56 x 31mm 78A
Trucks: 4" Sure Grip Century Trucks
Bearings: Open shield 608 Landsurfa's

Timber is a natural material and some boards may vary in grain and colour to the one pictured here

Hand-Shaped in Australia

At Surfa Sam, we understand that quality takes time. That's why we take pride in hand-shaping our traditional sidewalk surfers in small batches, right here in Australia. Using only the finest materials, our boards are crafted from solid Tasmanian oak - a premium Australian hardwood that's grown in the mountainous regions of Tasmania. It’s strong, hard-wearing nature allows each board to age gracefully, meaning it can be passed on from one generation to the next, creating a lifetime of memories.