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For the next instalment of our guest playlist series, and the first for 2022, we invited musician, surfer and barber Pat Capocci from Sydney, Australia.

Pat has released a handful of albums over the past ten years finding him international success with his distinct blend of thunderous guitar, savage rhythms, and a stack of self-penned songs. With his inspired blend of Western swing, country and blues, it’s no surprise that he’s grown to be widely regarded as Australia’s best modern practitioner of the rockabilly sound.

How did music first become part of your life
My dad was my first influence, he played guitar and there was always one laying around the house, subconsciously the sound got imbedded in my mind, then fast forward a few years, and it was his vinyl collection which opened up a entirely new word to me, Blues, Punk, Country, Rock n Roll, Jazz, I couldn’t listen and absorb everything quick enough!

Does music influence your surfing and vice versa
Although they both represent big parts of my life, I try to keep them at arms length from each other

While music is such a creative endeavour, I try to stay disciplined and grounded in how I learn, apply and execute, while surfing is just a ridiculously fun, no rules bared way to tap into that childlike energy we forgot about as we become “adults”! haha

Favourite spot to shop for records
Desire Books & Records, Manly Beach

Favourite spot to surf
Secret spot on the lower, mid north coast, S..l R.cks, fill in the gaps, find it on the map, and go right!

Who are your musical influences
Charlie Christian, The Clash, Merle Travis, Johnny Guitar Watson, Django Reinhardt, TK Smith, Nat King Cole Trio

Favourite gig you have played
Azkena Rock Festival, Basque Country, Spain

What are your three desert island songs
Django Reinhardt, I can’t Give you anything but love
The Dictators, Stay With Me
The Cactus Blossoms, Traveler’s Paradise

First album you ever bought
The Beatles, Hard Days Night

Last album you bought
James Hunter, Whatever It Takes

What can listeners expect to hear in this playlist
An eclectic mix of everything I love musically, if you're doing a long drive, ride, skate or run, this is for you!

Anything in the pipeline we should know about
We’re just about to digitally release some early recordings we made on the Press-Tone International label in the mid 2000’s, it's going to be nice to give some of these recordings some air time again!