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We have created our very own Spotify account that will feature playlists from special guests across the globe. First up is Thomas Fernandez aka Live Rad Studios who is an artist, tattooer, record label owner, and collector of mid-century kitsch hailing from San Diego, California. A tattooer by trade, Thomas is also a skilled illustrator that led him to be a contributing artist for MAD magazine as well as creating a number of illustrations for people such as Eric Dressen and Rob Zombie. He is also a member of the three piece mask wearing band The Joe Blows.

Tell us about the playlist, is there a theme

I wanted to make a playlist of some songs that reminded me of Surfa Sam, and classic surf and skate culture in general. Maybe it's a playlist that would have been playing at a skate demo in the early 60's down by the beach

What is your favourite record from the playlist
Los Locos Del Ritmo do a killer Spanish cover of my favorite Trashmens song, El Rey del Surfin' (King of the Surf)


Where should this be listened to
Either in your car on the way to go surfing, or while you and your friends are skating a ditch, curb, pool, ramp, abandoned mini golf park, or whatever!

Ideal companion/s to listen to this playlist with
Your surf and skate buddies to either get stoked before a session or winding down after with a brew

What are your three desert island records

That's a tough one. One is a 50s/60s japanese lounge/ exotica/ space age pop/ jazz record I found at a thrift store,I have no clue who it's by (I can't read japanese), but it's one of my all time favorites. Mike Pacheco's Bongo Skins was a purchase based on the cover and is also a favorite, great instrumental beatnik jazz. To round it out it's probably a tie between black flags nervous breakdown ep, Devo's Q:Are we not men, or The Cramps bad music (I know that's a compilation, but on a desert island its more bang for your buck)

First record you ever bought
I really don't remember the first record I ever bought, knowing me and the generation I grew up with, it was probably a blink 182 CD... But the most influential moments musically to me were a friend's older sister giving me a burnt CD in 5th grade of mixed punk bands, my parents playing me DEVOs music, and my grandparents giving me some of their old exotica albums

Last record you bought
I finally scored a copy of Blitz voice of a generation

Have any holy grail records in your collection

I feel like I don't really have holy grail records, I think the first two records I mentioned on my desert island picks are two of my favorites in my collection. I am usually the most stoked on records I find not knowing the music and being blown away once I finally hear it. I don't really collect first pressings and stuff like that, I used to DJ a lot so I cared more about collecting songs for a set more than specific records. I do have some rarer spits records I am pretty stoked on owning

Favourite spot to buy records
Flea markets and thrift stores! It always feels like more of a score when you can buy a good record for a buck or two instead of $20 and up, but I do think it's important to support independent record stores