24" Surfa Sam Classic

$595.00 AUD
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This skateboard deck has been lovingly reproduced to the closest possible specification of our iconic 1960’s Surfa Sam model. From the silk-screened artwork to the hand-shaped rails, every detail has been carefully recreated to bring you this classic piece of skateboarding history. Equipped with period-correct 4" Sure Grip trucks that have been skilfully manufactured in California since the 1940's, they house our new and improved “Detroit” Super Wheels that are a buttery smooth 78A urethane.

Deck: Solid Tasmanian oak 24” x 6”
Wheels: "Detroit" Super Wheels 56 x 31mm 78A
Trucks: 4" Sure Grip Century Trucks
Bearings: Open shield 608 Landsurfa's
Artwork: 2 colour silk-screen

Please note: Timber is a natural material and some boards may vary in grain and colour to the one pictured here

Hand-Shaped in Australia

At Surfa Sam, we understand that quality takes time. That's why we take pride in hand-shaping our traditional sidewalk surfers in small batches, right here in Australia. Using only the finest materials, our boards are crafted from solid Tasmanian oak - a premium Australian hardwood that's grown in the mountainous regions of Tasmania. It’s strong, hard-wearing nature allows each board to age gracefully, meaning it can be passed on from one generation to the next, creating a lifetime of memories.